Lyme Disease

Taurox Improves Physical Energy, Mental Concentration and Other Symptoms in Patients with Lyme Disease

Kaiti Nagel, R.N., Stephen Levine, Ph.D., Allergy Research Group
Floyd Taub, M.D., Suzin Mayerson Wright, Ph.D.,

(1) Small Trial Results

The following four reports came from a small trial with patients who took TaurImmune Fatigue (with 6X Taurox) for about 6 weeks.

Patient CD reported consistent decreases in various aspects of fatigue, particularly mental, as well as decreased joint pain, rash/skin problems and cramping during period. Her sleep improved and her interest in sex increased. Her cold symptoms were milder than she expected.

Patient SR reported consistent decreases in all aspects of fatigue, as well as decreased muscle and joint pain anxiety headaches. Her concentration/thinking; sleep, flexibility/mobility, motor coordination, appetite, PMS, and libido all improved.

Patient AH reported reduced aches and pains, decreased allergy severity and reduced mental and physical fatigue (but not fatigue related to ability to function). She had improved concentration and sleep and increased interest in sex. Some responses were inconsistent and there was only one follow-up for the month.

Patient SK consistently reported all aspects of fatigue were greatly reduced, especially mental fatigue. Pain (muscle and “other”), anxiety, depression, asthma and upper respiratory symptoms decreased. Motor skills, flexibility, and sleep also improved. She did not experience benefit in many of these until after 3rd week of TaurImmune Fatigue. Changes in pain were not attributed to Taurox.

(2) Support Group Study

The following is feedback from 4 of 6 Lyme patients who were part of a Lyme support group. Patients had chronic symptoms that were unresponsive to long-term antibiotics and took “Taurox SB 6X” (equivalent to TaurImmune Fatigue) for about 6 weeks.

Participant #1 had antibiotic treatment for about 1 year with some improvement, then a relapse. Prior to Taurox, the fatigue was incapacitating. Estimated 80% improvement in energy, concentration/thinking, ability to perform daily activities; estimated 40% decrease in “malaise”. No effect on pain or allergies.

Participant #2 had antibiotic treatment for about 5 months, then various nutraceuticals. While no response to Taurox in the first 5 weeks, then there was an estimated 80% decrease in fatigue and 40% improvement in concentration/thinking, ability to perform daily activities, and allergies.

Participant #3 had antibiotic treatments for 8 months in 1999, then another month in 2000. Lyme relapse in 2002 treated with antibiotics. Had moderate levels of fatigue and other symptoms which were improved by about 25% or more: overall fatigue, aches and pains, brain fog, allergies, ability to perform daily activities.

Participant #4 had antibiotic treatment for about 1 year, then various nutraceuticals for about 8 months. There was some improvement, but he still had moderate symptoms – fatigue, muscle weakness, pain, difficulty concentrating/thinking. Otherwise generally healthy. After Taurox, he reported no change in most areas except a moderate improvement (estimated 25%) in concentration/thinking/brain fog.

NOTE: The 5th patient did not provide us with any data and the 6th patient had to discontinue using Taurox because of its alcohol content. (The TaurImmune product line now has two products that do not contain alcohol.)

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Case Reports and Anecdotal information from People with Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease and Taurox: Three Case Histories

1) Ms. A.F., age 80 (retired chiropractor & holistic practitioner)

History: Ms. A.F. was diagnosed with Lyme in 1993; her primary symptom was fatigue. Antibiotics helped for a while, but the conventional physician reported he couldn’t offer anything more and said she should come back when she develops arthritis. Her history includes macular degeneration, neck problems due to car accidents and symptoms of mercury problems and dental filling replacement. She improved her diet (including organic foods, etc.) and taking a variety of supplements, including some for macular degeneration and homeopathics. Prior to the natural foods and supplements, she had extreme chemical sensitivities/allergies.

Taurox Rx: She self prescribed “7x” Taurox for one month; which resulted in some decrease in symptoms. She then tried “6x” Taurox, and had a very noticeable decrease in fatigue her severe chemicals sensitivities and allergies virtually disappeared. She used the ½ ounce bottle very quickly, probably in less than a month. Price caused her to stop use. Her fatigue returned, especially when busy or stressed. Her symptom onset was sometimes sudden and resulted in an overwhelming need to do nothing but lie down.

Other Rx (after stopping Taurox): Currently takes a homeopathic remedy (not including Taurox) for Lyme. Thinks it might help some. The Taurox effect was more obvious. Pilates also increased her energy. She has restarted Taurox.

Conclusion: Higher dose Taurox decreased the fatigue and other symptoms attributed to Lyme disease. Lower dose and non-Taurox homeopathics were ineffective or much less effective, suggesting the reduced fatigue is not a placebo effect. Symptoms returned when Taurox was discontinued.

2) Ms. L.A., age 49

History: Ms. L.A. was diagnosed with Lyme in April 2003 following symptoms of fatigue, mental confusion and body aches. Antibiotics reduced the symptoms temporarily, but they returned and continued for 10 months. Taurox Rx: Taurox 6x was recommended by chiropractor and begun in Feb 2004. At that time, the Lyme symptoms had been cycling every 2-3 weeks, with symptoms lasting for a week. Taurox benefit was almost immediate (“right away”) – benefit was reported in all areas: fatigue, mental confusion, body aches. She had mild symptoms briefly in May and when on Taurox, remained symptom free until Oct-Nov 2004. Symptoms returned at that time then remitted and then returned again in Jan and Feb of 05. Increasing the dose of Taurox has been recommended. In summary she experienced two cycles in a year while on Taurox compared to the expected 20 cycles. Conclusion: Ms. L.A. experienced a rapid and dramatic remission of all Lyme disease symptoms on Taurox “6x” lasting for 8+ months. For the prior 10 months, she had severe symptoms every 2-3 three weeks. In the past 4 months she has had 2 bouts of symptoms leading to a recommendation to increase the dose of Taurox.

3) Mr. M.F., age 34 (I.T. consultant working on college campus) History: Mr. M.F. was diagnosed with Lyme disease in early June 2004 after he was experiencing painful joints, extreme fatigue, and a rash following a tick bite. Laboratory assessments (not specified) revealed Lyme disease. He had as history of 7-8 moderate to severe colds per year. After taking TaurImmune Fatigue, he had fewer than 2 mild colds per year.

Taurox Rx: Mr. M.F. starting taking TaurImmune Fatigue when he thought he was getting a cold in September 2003. He was impressed with how it stopped that cold from developing. He started taking it regularly and reported “very good results” – overall energy increase and feeling that his immune system was better. Being on a college campus, he usually experienced colds 7-8 times a year, usually moderate to severe, including a very severed case of flu in early 2003. He has been taking the Taurox since Sept 2003, and since then has had only 2 or 3 very mild colds. At some point prior to the Lyme infection, he had severe symptoms after inhaling some mold. Was very sick for 4 or 5 days, so tried the pure Taurox 6x. He felt he could breathe better within the first hour, and all symptoms ceased after 2 or 3 days. He now believes Taurox has improved his immune system – notices his body reacts differently, especially when exposed to colds, etc. He has an overall increase in energy and noted that Taurox works rather quickly most of the time. He takes about 1200 units (6 drops of TaurImmune Fatigue) per day to maintain his energy level and to keep from getting sick.

Lyme Treatment History: Initial treatment was with painkillers and Augmentin, 1000 mg extended release, 2x/day for 4 weeks beginning in early June 2004. This resulted in some improvement, but the symptoms were still severe. He increased his dose of Taurox 4000 units, which he reported as beneficial in reducing fatigue within a few days and joint pain soon after that. After about 2 weeks, he did not receive adequate relief, so he added 3000 units of Taurox, a few drops of pure 6X Taurox (an additional 2000 to 4000 units) and noted increased improvement. Within a few days he no longer had to stop and rest during the day. At the one-month follow-up with his doctor, he was told his improvement was much faster than other Lyme patients with as severe a case as he had, and that normally the symptoms would have persisted for some time after the 4 weeks of antibiotics. He had no discomfort or toxicity due to simultaneous treatment with Taurox and antibiotics. He noted that he had remarkably few digestive problems with the high dose of Augmentin, and since he normally had substantial digestion problems from antibiotics, he attributed this to Taurox. After Lyme symptoms stopped, he returned to 1200 units of Taurox daily. There has been no recurrence or residual symptoms of Lyme disease as of January 2005.

Conclusion: A regular consumer of Taurox was able to reduce the symptoms of Lyme disease by increasing the Taurox dose. It appeared that the antibiotics alone were not sufficient to reduce his symptoms, nor were they expected to in the first 4 weeks, according to his local doctor. With high dose pure 6x Taurox the symptoms stopped quickly and did not return. He did not require a second course of antibiotics. Taurox did not inhibit the effect of the antibiotic, rather it appeared to increase effectiveness and potentially decrease side effects.

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Most references to patients are those from the clinical studies.

Many people refer to the product generally as Taurox, which is now an ingredient in the TaurImmune products. Some clinical trials used 100% Taurox rather than the current formulas.

Taurox is not a substitute for any treatments prescribed by your health professional.