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Floyd Taub, M.D.
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There is nothing available by prescription or over-the-counter with the benefits of Taurox. It has striking overnight action when used at the onset of an acute illness such as cold and flu. My experience is that 80% of the time all symptoms abate. In people with chronic illnesses, such as hepatitis, cancer, Lyme disease, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or Fibromyalgia, that are associated with long standing fatigue there is a decrease in fatigue that may be rapid or take a number of weeks. Even if there is no immediate benefit, these people have progressive reversal of their fatigue. “Normal” people who are stressed and fatigued also have significant reduction in their fatigue and enhanced ability to complete their tasks. They report they have more restful sleep, awake more refreshed, have improved ability to function and enhanced feeling of well-being. They and there families report they are in a better mood.

Mitchell A. Fleisher, M.D., D.Ht., D.A.B.F.M., Dc.A.B.C.T.
Homeopathic Family Medicine & Nutritional Therapy

Having participated professionally in the original, multicenter, clinical research trials, I can emphatically state that the TaurImmune products represent the epitome of the new bio-nanotechnology that is revolutionizing the manner in which we will prevent and treat disease now and in the years ahead.

The ingredient in the TaurImmune products that I think is the most important is called Taurox (Tauroxicum) or COBAT (carbobenzoxy beta-alanyl-taurine)…..Researchers at the University of Maryland found it stimulated inactive immune cells, yet returned overly activated immune cells to more normal activity. Thus Taurox is the most potent, scientifically documented, “adaptogenic immune modulator” and anti-fatigue remedy available. Nothing, either CAM or conventional, is documented to be more effective. In my clinical experience, Taurox is synergistic with and significantly potentiates the benefits of other therapeutic interventions.

Since introducing the TaurImmune products into my practice, especially TaurImmune PS (Premium Strength), I have observed excellent clinical results in my patients with CFIDS, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, MCTD and other autoimmune disorders, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome and other severe allergic diatheses, chronic infectious diseases, e.g., viral Hepatitis B and C, Lyme, HIV, as well as significantly improving the immune status and fatigue in my cancer patients.

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A doctor reports enthusiastically: "It is great. It is working very well for people with allergies and who have fatigue. Both have been taking it almost a month. Dosage for one patient has decreased. The other is taking the 12 drops. Sleep is much better."

A patient wrote, "I would recommend Taurox to anyone who was run down, had difficulties with allergies, or needed to heal from any type of injury. Thank you for allowing me to try Taurox. It is obviously something that I need to take everyday to maintain health."

A patient from Maryland wrote, "I am a 50-year male working as a research scientist in NASA's Earth Science Enterprise. I have suffered from allergy related symptoms for about the last 15 years. In the spring and late summer, pollen causes almost continual sinus headaches and asthma, which I have been treating with ibuprofen and Albuterol and Vanceril inhalers. I cannot use antihistamines as even the non-drowsy formulations adversely affect my ability to concentrate. In March of this year (2004) I began to take a once daily dose of Taurox (6X) upon arising in the morning. I did not notice any improvement in my symptoms until about two weeks after which I noticed a marked decrease in headaches and asthma. For the next month, when the pollen was the worst, I went from using ibuprofen continuously to only needing it two or three times a week. My use of Albuterol decreased to about the same frequency and I didn't need the Vanceril at all. At the end of April I ran out of Taurox and by the end of May, my symptoms had returned in their entirety. I was using prescription doses of ibuprofen nearly every day and needed to use both inhalers two times daily. In the first week of June, I received a new batch of Taurox (7X). Remarkably, within two days after starting the Taurox again my symptoms, which were quite acute, very nearly vanished. Within two days my headaches were reduced in frequency from being nearly continuous to only about two or three times a week. The impact on my asthma symptoms was equally dramatic. My asthma symptoms were reduced in frequency and severity such that I had no need for the Vanceril at all and only needed the Albuterol once during the last week.

NOTE: No one should decrease any prescription medicine without first consulting their doctor.

A 59-year-old man, who'd been diagnosed with severe allergies as a teen-ager, reported that he has been taking antihistamines for over 45 years, using both oral tablets daily and steroid nasal sprays at various times during high pollen and mold seasons. After six months on TaurImmune, he reports that his allergies are alleviated to the point that he has not taken any prescription drugs in those months. "It's really quite incredible," he reports, "that after so many years, I could drop them all and have the same protection against all that pollen and mold that I'd used prescriptions for. Who knows what the steroids had been doing to my body? I even survived the ragweed season."

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A patient with Waldenstrom's Disease (lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma) sent this story (edited for length): ...Along with the fatigue I had a rash, joint and other pains, mental fogginess and general weakness. I lived with and adapted my life to functioning with these symptoms. Sometimes I could not do much except rest and at other times I struggled through a work day and then came home and rested evenings and weekends. Other symptoms; numb extremities, a burning/itching sensation over my skin, inability to sleep, anxiety, a lack of coordination and weakness in my arms and legs developed over the years. I began taking twelve drops of taurox every morning. A few days later I seemed to feel a little better when I woke up. I experienced some strength that I hadn't had for a very long time. A week later it was necessary to make a grueling eight hour trip and go without proper sleep for a week. Miraculously, I was able to do that. I won't say I felt tip-top during or after the trip however I was functional enough to get through the day. Since then, I have grown stronger and more energetic. About three weeks ago I began sleeping all night. Around this time I began taking regular walks in the morning. The pace and length of the walks gradually grew and I now walk a brisk forty-five minutes most mornings! I vividly remember attempting to take a walk the second week of June but my legs were too weak. A week or so later I tried to walk a few blocks to a doctor's appointment and wasn't sure I was going to make it because my foot was so numb. For the first time in nearly nine months I am able to visit with friends some evenings after five o'clock. In the last few weeks the numbness in my feet has completely disappeared. Also the burning/itching sensation has significantly diminished to the point where I have it in a very mild form a few times a week instead intensely every day. I have had only a few mild outbreaks of the rash I have struggled with since the 1980s in the last few months. In addition, I have stopped taking the prescription allergy medicine I've taken for the last ten years. And finally, there has been a noticeable improvement in my mental fogginess. [Note: she has now taken the product for 4 years and is functionally relatively normally. The disease is still present, but with remarkably few symptoms.]

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Dodge, a 90 lb. Bouvier de Flanders breed, was diagnosed with Hemangiosarcoma the day after Christmas 2003. That day the dog’s veterinarian performed an operation to remove what he thought was a hernia, but found the cancer, which he biopsied. Dodge subsequently had an ultrasound examination. It revealed two malignant groin tumors, which were interpreted as metastasis to lymph nodes. The prognosis was sad: His vet estimated he would pass away in three to six months.

In mid January 2004, his owners began prescribed holistic treatments of Yunnan Paiyas, Blood Terrain, IP6 with Inositol and anti-oxidants. But Dodge continued to deteriorate and had worsening symptoms of fatigue and avoided his food.

In mid February, though, a visiting friend gave the owners some TaurImmune™ Fatigue for Dodge to try. His owners continued his other nutritional supplements, but added two full doses of TaurImmune to his treatments each day. After a few days, Dodge began to act more energetically.

His owners were encouraged until in early May when a very large mass, measuring four by eight inches (10 x 20 cm) developed under his right shoulder. Poor Dodge found walking very difficult. That month, his vet aspirated the depth of the mass, but the needle came out dry, indicating that the mass was solid. It was interpreted as growing tumor with no signs of regression. Dodge’s owners understood that the mass was inoperable. The vet counseled Dodge’s owners on end of life issues. Nevertheless, his owners increased his TaurImmune dose around that time to three daily doses.

Dodge’s condition deteriorated further and his owners began discussing putting him down. On a particularly rough Saturday they decided to let him go on Monday. But, the owner remembers that Saturday pm Dodge managed to eat some raw salmon and began to perk up a bit. By Sunday, the mass burst and began draining puss and bloody tissue outside of his body. Dr. Taub, a pathologist, believes this represents immune mediated tumor death and expulsion. It left a cavity the size of a tennis ball, a very large open wound. Dodge was taken back to the vet who regretted that he had not taken a biopsy of the mass nor photographed it. The vet commented that he had never seen anything like it! His assistant gave Dodge the name “Wonder Dog”. He also said that Dodge might not survive the healing of this huge wound and prescribed high dose antibiotics. But, Dodge continues to improve and the wound filled in as healthy tissue grew.

A month later, only one small tumor remains at the site. Dodge is gaining strength and healing, with improved energy levels and a great attitude. The open wound has healed significantly with the open area decreased by about 75 percent.

As reported by owner to FindCure.org staff.

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“After cooking my dinner one night and cleaning up the stove, I burned my fingers by picking up a hot cast iron burner. I looked at the clock as I first ran cold water over and then to the freezer for ice. It was 8:30pm. Later I applied 6X Taurox directly on the burns and let it dry.

Before bed I noticed that I had developed a dime size blister on each of three fingers, which were very painful to the touch.

At 7am the next morning, I got up and hopped on my bike for a ride in the morning air. While riding I recalled the burns and wondered why it was not hurting to hold the handlebars. I looked at my fingers in amazement and only then realized there was no sign of ANY KIND OF INJURY on my fingers! They looked and felt completely normal.

I think the effect must have been amplified through my internal use of 6x Taurox plus applying it directly to the burn.

I could not help think of the implications for those persons inflicted with serious burns, not to mention all the wounding that occurs in wartime from explosions!”

From C. T. A., Maryland

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"At 10:45 pm on 9/16/04, I was standing behind my son who was cooking at the stove when I heard a loud splatter of grease explode. I spun around to see my son cover his eyes and run for the bathroom screaming all the way. I rushed to his aid and tried to apply ice to the burned eyeball. He was so upset he could not hold the ice cube nor would he uncover his eye to let me tend to him.

He was extremely upset and said he could not deal with the pain and was afraid of going into shock. After about 30 minutes, he let me look into his right eyeball which looked intact. He was still in severe pain.

I applied some saline stoked with Taurox (I think the bottle is about 10ml to which I added 1 drop pure 5X Taurox) He said it did not make it feel any worse and he set about to calm himself down by meditating.

10 minutes later, I applied 1 drop of concentrated 5X Taurox directly into his eye. The alcohol stung a bit he said, but he allowed me to put in a second drop. 45 minutes after the burn occurred he said the pain was greatly reduced and he went to sleep.

I was prepared for the worse and left a message for his employer that he would not be in the next day. However, 7 hours later he awoke telling me he felt great, his eye did not hurt and he was going to work. After work I questioned him again, he said his right eye was just a tiny bit blurry, which corrected by the following morning.

I don’t know enough about burns to know if this is remarkable or not. It seemed to me so. I consulted two firemen, one said that he knows of people who got hit in the eye with grease splatters and did need emergency room attention."

Submitted by CTA, Maryland

NOTE: Taurox products are not intended for use in the eyes. Be sure to read the package insert.

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"Over the 2007 Christmas holiday my 16 year old son Kevin was visiting. I served him food on a hot plate and told him not to touch the plate. I was in the kitchen when a few moments later I heard him yelp, he had touched the hot plate with several fingers. The pain was sharp and it brought tears to his eyes. I had him run his fingers under cold water then applied ice but the pain was intense, he was visibly uncomfortable and could not eat his food. .About fifteen minutes after the burn occurred, I took the ice away and applied a few drops of 5X Taurox. His mood lightened almost instantly and he told me the pain completely went away, He ate his meal with gusto. I examined his fingers later and there was no redness, sign of injury or tenderness."

Submitted by CTA

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"My husband mistakenly grabbed a falling torch while working on copper pipe. He had extensive multiple burns across his palm and fingers from the 1500 degree torch shaft and the flame. He had it in ice water within 10 seconds and an ice pack on it almost immediately, and finished the last little bit of his project with the ice pack wrapped around his hand (the flexible blue kind, not as cold as ice), then put it back in the ice water. Because I had heard about CTA’s success using Taurox on burns, I thought we should try. It hurt him too much to keep it out of the ice water, but I encouraged him to take it out long enough to put on Taurox. The one I had available was Fatigue. He let it soak in as long as he could stand it (maybe 20 seconds) then went back to the ice water. He went to bed early, with the ice pack wrapped in his hand. In the morning, the first thing I heard was “this is amazing...there is no pain now at all, and very little blistering.” Healing progress was extremely rapid and 5 days afterwards he said “Look, it’s almost completely healed. I expected to not have the use of my hand for at least a couple of days and here it’s about 95%.” He kept saying he expected it to be much worse, based on the previous pain and damage level. Since he has been burned many times before and knows what to expect, he thinks the Taurox made a difference. He estimated a burn like that, which he labeled as “severe”, should have taken about 2 weeks to heal completely. Instead, 5 days later, you can’t tell he was burned."

Submitted by SWM

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Another Burn-Me-Not, Vitamin E-rase Story!

"I was in my kitchen one evening when it happened. I used both hands to pick up a dinner plate that had just come out of 400 degree oven. Ouch! I yelped and reeled in pain. Nine of my fingers were burning as if stuck to red hot coals. The pain was intense. I feared that my seared skin would blister and might take weeks to heal. Darn!

I ran some cool water over the burn for a minute then remembered the Taurox. I applied some Taurox liquid mixed in with aloe vera gel to my finger tips. I sat down to calm my heart which was racing from the stress. After about 15 minutes I noticed the pain was reduced to mild. I continued to apply the Taurox gel several more times then went to bed. The next morning when I awoke, my fingers looked normal, there was no redness and they felt only the slightest bit tender.

I am grateful for the Taurox which seemed to erase my own mistake. Taurox is powerful stuff. Wow!"

BG, Vero Beach, Florida (as explained to Char Tara Albert)

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A doctor has treated three patients. His reports on Taurox note significantly positive experiences. Two patients who suffer from hepatitis C had taken interferon, but it was not beneficial. Subsequently they had chemotherapy, which ruined the patients' bodies, leaving them with fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, unable to sleep. However with Taurox, the two patients are recovering. One man has complete energy back, at a level of 15 years ago, the other, a woman, is better, her energy is as it was 2 years ago. A third patient reports that her energy level is up. As a clinician, he is very happy with what is happening. His practice is small; most customers come because of chronic pain. He expects that word of mouth will eventually bring more patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

One patient reported suffering from very severe fatigue, and said in a normal day he felt he was functioning at about 65%. After 5 weeks he said, "…this morning I feel very close to 100%, I can't even imagine I will feel tired later." He also reported greatly heightened morale saying, "I am noticeably not anxious about anything today. Right now [I am] feeling balanced… For many months earlier this year I didn't look forward to anything, [I was] joyless." He said that his energy level improved within the first week on the drug. He reported that he felt "like my old self", and he even had energy at the end of the day.

A patient who had contracted infections mononucleosis over two years ago later developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to the extent that the patient could not walk. While it took several weeks on Taurox, by six weeks he found he was feeling much better. Previously he had been a weight lifter, but had found he would have a "down day" followed by three or four days of flu-like symptoms if he tried to exercise. Now, though, he has been lifting for three weeks, taking five-mile hikes, and has no feeling of weakness of sickness.

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A woman reported, It is great. It is the best thing that has ever come out. ... (It) stopped my hay fever and my energy is up.

A 59-year-old man, who'd been diagnosed with severe allergies as a teen-ager, reported that he has been taking antihistamines for over 45 years, using both oral tablets daily and steroid nasal sprays at various times during high pollen and mold seasons. After six months on Taurox, he reports that his allergy symptoms are alleviated to the point that he has not taken any prescription drugs in those months. "It's really quite incredible," he reports, "that after so many years, I could drop them all and have the same protection against all that pollen and mold that I'd used prescriptions for. Who knows what the steroids had been doing to my body? I even survived the ragweed season."


"I was very impressed, definitely want to stay on it. It took a number of weeks for full effect. No denying the 70-80% improvement I've had in the symptoms from my HCV." #2201, a patient who had previously failed IFN.

Patient #2301 had taken Taurox about 3 weeks when she reported surprise at the extent of the changes in many of her symptoms, including fatigue, gastro-intestinal symptoms, and various aches and pains. She said she no longer wakes up feeling like "a train wreck", and found herself forgetting to take her G.I. medications since she was not physically reminded of the need. Her fatigue data is not reported above because the data have not yet been compiled.

The head of a HCV support group (from which some participants were recruited) reported: "Most patients taking the Taurox told me they had less fatigue. In addition, some had the side benefit that their allergies seemed to lessen. At least one person reported that it stopped the allergy problems they would normally have this time of year." (Heavy spring pollen season in Washington DC.)

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Most references to patients are those from the FindCure.org clinical studies.

Many people refer to the product generally as Taurox, which is now an ingredient in the TaurImmune products. The clinical trials used 100% Taurox rather than the current formulas.

Taurox is not a substitute for any treatments prescribed by your health professional.