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The Taurox™ Story

Taurox holds promise to assist humankind and animals
to cope with increased stress due to environmental
pollutants, epidemics and lifestyle.

What is Taurox?

Taurox is specially prepared COBAT (carbobenzoxy-beta-alanyl Taurine). It is similar to vitamins and naturally occurring sulfur compounds in mammals. The body makes tiny amounts of these sulfur based dipeptides in order to maintain various vital immune functions. These have recently been shown to be essential for the first part of energy production by mitochondria, which are the part of the cell that converts organic matter into fuel for the cell. When this sulfur dependent biochemical process is functioning properly vitality is enhanced.

Our Planet and Our Need

Pollution: Unfortunately, numerous environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies cause a breakdown in this natural energy production and also in detoxification systems that mammals are reliant upon. Heavy metals such as mercury claw or grab up sulfur molecules, thus interfering in immune, energy and detoxification pathways. The Earth is now inundated with serious levels of toxins found from the North to the South Pole that have migrated into the tissues of living beings.

Epidemics: Conventional anti-viral drugs attack viral cells directly or through the use of vaccines whereby the immune system is stimulated to develop immunity against various germs. Homeopathic medicines encourage the body to use its natural defense system to attack and conquer viral populations through the use of minute dosages of various substances. Taurox (COBAT) is a homeopathic remedy that has been used to counter viral and bacterial infections.

Lifestyle: The modern, fast-paced, complex lifestyle and related stressors tends to activate the fight or flight nervous system (Sympathetic) which if not balanced by the relaxation response (Parasympathetic) can lead to immune exhaustion and breakdown.

Taurox Supplementation

Supplementing with Taurox containing products support what may be a weak link in this sulfur dependent immune regulatory processes. Commercially available, homeopathically prepared Taurox, in the form of TaurImmune™ Products, is both affordable and considered safe* since dosages range in tiny nanogram amounts. TaurImmune Products vary in potency, lesser units are best for preventative health and mild conditions while the stronger concentrations of Taurox are effective to restore severely exhausted immune systems as is the case in chronic illnesses.

Research Supports Taurox Claims

Taurox is a signaling agent; it readjusts cytokine levels. It "tunes" the immune system creating more effective [TH1] and non-toxic responses. Thomas Dunn (UMd) found that almost instantly when applied to human immune cells, Taurox generated a "first signal" of calcium movement. This is a classic activating event that leads to a beneficial amplifying immune cascade (supplying a missing link). The researchers documented an increase in the expression of the DNA calling for [predominantly TH1] cytokines from inactive cells and a decrease in it from pharmacologically over-activated cells. This immune system balancing function is why Taurox holds such promise for humans and animals. This and other research may be accessed at (include link to research pages)

Taurox Origins

COBAT was first investigated for its immune modulating effect by researchers at the University of New Mexico. Floyd Taub, M.D. pioneered the next phase of pre-clinical research and first introduced Taurox to humans in the form of a Homeopathically prepared compound. Char Tara Albert and Mitchell Fleisher, M.D.,D.Ht. contributed to the homeopathic concept and study design and are credited as Co-Inventors along with Dr. Taub. David Riley, M.D. conducted the Homeopathic Proving and first observed the powerful Taurox effect in the double-blind placebo-controlled study. Riley concluded that Taurox was the most powerful compound he had ever studied. An amazing 94% of study participants reported a reduction in fatigue and 62% reported a reduction in allergic symptoms.

Taurox Works WITH Your Body to Reduce Fatigue

There is a wealth of evidence that Taurox is the ONLY proven, immune adaptive, over the counter (OTC) product on the market today. Taurox is effective in situations where neither alternative medicines nor pharmaceuticals work. Studies have shown that Taurox increases energy levels in both persistent fatigue (a medical symptom pattern associated with chronic illness) and in those with non-specific general fatigue. Taurox increases energy levels through its immune balancing effect without the use or harsh side effects of herbal stimulants or caffeine. Taurox has assisted people with intractable bacterial and viral infections in addition to dramatic reductions in cold, flu and allergy incidence.

Taurox and the Future

Much more research is needed to unlock the potential uses of Taurox. There is reason to believe the immune priming effect of Taurox could slow the progression of HIV into AIDS and this should be thoroughly researched. Preclinical studies show anti-cancer effects.** Taurox should be explored to see if it is protective against exposure to toxins and radioactive elements. Taurox could be used to bolster the immunity of communities exposed to dangerous flu viruses. Users have reported that Taurox applied to burns have produced near instantaneous healing of tissues. Taurox could help businesses stimulate employee output, reduce absenteeism and enhance profitability; a 2006 study revealed that Taurox increased productivity in those with general, non-medically related fatigue. As worldwide use of Taurox continues to flourish, many more uses and benefits will surely be discovered. The good news is you can enjoy the powerful Taurox effect today!


* Taurox and the vast majority of other homeopathic drugs have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. However, the FDA considers homeopathic products safe, primarily because of the low doses. TaurImmune™ products, like other homeopathics, are registered with the FDA. The effectiveness of Taurox has been observed in several small studies, patient follow-up and extensive feedback from customers and health practitioners, including experts in the field of homeopathy. Please read the package insert for all warnings and directions. These products should not be used as a substitute for treatments prescribed by a physician.

** These were animal studies. Most research suggests an anti-cancer mechanism involving changes to the immune system. Taurox does not kill the cancer cells. The current role of Taurox in human cancer patients would be to build the immune system, and relieve fatigue and other symptoms.



UNDER CONSTRUCTION. see www.FindCure.org for uses of Taurox.

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Pubic Relations

Scientific Presentations, Conferences and Public Relations

13th Annual Symposium on Complementary Health Care, December 12-14 2006, University of Exeter, UK. Floyd E. Taub, M.D., Char Tara Albert, Lesley Crowder, Suzin Mayerson Wright, Ph.D. “Fatigue Reduction and Quality of Life Enhancement Following Therapy with Taurox”.

Genesis Network Talk Radio, September 15, 2005, 2 p.m. CST. Floyd Taub, M.D. was interviewed by Dr. William Deagle on the Midas Report, discussing the actions of new products that affect cancer signaling: “DNA Nutraceutical Signaling in Support of Cancer and Chronic Fatigue Syndromes, Anti-inflammatory Modulation and Tissue Healing -- New Nutraceutical Products”. The broadcast is archived at www.nutrimedical.com

Press Release September 14, 2005: “Victory Over Cancer and Chronic Conditions, Director, Floyd Taub, M.D., to Stress How Revolutionary Approach Reduces Fatigue and Other Symptoms of Cancer and Infections including Lyme Disease and Hepatitis.

Press Release March 10, 2005. “Dovetail Study Shows Lyme Disease Fatigue Cut. Patients Report Reductions in New Taurox™ Study”.

11th Annual Meeting of the Society for Orthomolecular Health-Medicine (OHM) in San Francisco, California, February 24-27, 2005, “Fatigue Reduction Due to Changing Cytokine Patterns. Immunostimulation by COBAT (Taurox SB™) in Patients with Lyme Disease” The OHM was founded by Linus Pauling.

KFNX News Talk Radio, August 8th, 2004, 8:00 a.m. PST. Floyd Taub, M.D. was interviewed by Dr. Warren Levin, Host of the show, "Third Opinion".

Familynet Television Interview, June 17 & 25, 2004: BioInnovations produces a daily television show for the Familynet cable network, which broadcasts to over 30-million viewers mainly in the Midwest and South, hosted by Dr. Richard Becker and his wife Cindy. Allergy Research Group, one of CureImmune’s distributors, introduced the Beckers to Dr. Floyd Taub. Dr. Taub participated in two 30-minute television shows on June 17, discussing Taurox research; the second program aired on June 25. Familynet is dedicated to health and family matters and provides holistic medical information that is generally not available to its audience other than through Dr. Becker.

Health Sciences Institute (HIS) Newsletter, May 2004 Issue. HIS published an article entitled “What the Goldilocks effect” can do for fatigue and your immune system”, covering Taurox research and products.

Presentations by Floyd Taub, M.D.

Fourth World Conference on Nutritional Medicine in San Francisco, California American Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Sixth Biennial. May 28, 2004, “Taurox and NanoDrugs™”

International College of Integrative Medicine International Congress, September 10–September 14, 2003, St. Louis, MO. “Beta Alanine Containing NanoDrugs in the Treatment of Fatigue in Patients with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cancer, and HCV.”

First International Conference on Whole Person Healing, March 28–March 30, 2003, Washington, DC. “Immunomodulator Taurox SB™ Reduces Fatigue in Patients with Cancer, HCV and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.”

International Research and Clinical Conference, January 31–February 2, 2003, Chantilly, VA. “Therapy with the Cytokine Modulator Is Associated with Decreased Fatigue in Patients with Chronic Fatigue.”

Note: Prior to May 2005, Dr. Taub was Chairman and Chief Medical Officer of Dovetail Technologies. CureImmune acquired all the Taurox activities. Dr. Taub is founder and CEO of CureImmune.