Anti-Viral Qualities of Taurox™

Char Tara Albert

Conventional anti-viral drugs attack viral cells directly or through the use of vaccines whereby the immune system is stimulated to develop immunity against various germs. Homeopathic medicines encourage the body to use its natural defense system to attack and conquer viral populations through the use of minute dosages of various substances. Taurox (COBAT) is a homeopathic remedy that has been used to counter viral and bacterial infections. Below is a brief summary of the science behind this.

The immune system is controlled by messenger molecules called "cytokines." These are chemicals a bit analogous to hormones or neurotransmitters. They control both the level and type of immune activity. Over a dozen cytokines and immune cell types must be coordinated to create an optimal immune response. When the system is in balance, a specific effective defense against invaders and cancers is the result. When not properly coordinated, the out of balance system allows infections, cancers and immune toxicity diseases. The immune system via cytokines causes fatigue in patients with infections, cancers and autoimmune problems. Many people think the same is true for rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Lyme disease syndrome, abnormal hormone function diseases [thyroid, adrenal, diabetes] and others. Scientists describe two major types of immune responses (TH1 and TH2). TH1 responses fight cancer, viruses and most of the known pathogens. In this setting TH2 responses are often associated with production of toxic "auto antibodies" and immune diseases

COBAT is a signaling agent; it readjusts cytokine levels. It "tunes" the immune system creating more effective [TH1] and non-toxic responses. Thomas Dunn (UMd) found that almost instantly when applied to human immune cells, COBAT generated a "first signal" of calcium movement. This is a classic activating event that leads to a beneficial amplifying immune cascade. The researchers documented an increase in the expression of the DNA calling for [predominantly TH1] cytokines from inactive cells and a decrease in it from pharmacologically over-activated cells (a balancing effect).

Can COBAT help people that seem normal? Dunn suggested that COBAT may help keep the immune system active in the elderly, as it is believed by some that diminished calcium response (first signal) is a factor in the lowered T-cell activity with age. Clinical experience suggests it helps those with clinical symptoms, those with sub-clinical decreases in the immune system (elderly, persons under stress, with hormone imbalances or with chronic infections) and normal persons to fight infections such as colds and chronic infections.

COBAT is complementary to the use of nutraceuticals and conventional drugs. COBAT is very different chemically and in its mechanism of action so its benefit is additive or multiplicative with other therapies. COBAT may be a beneficial complement to colostrums, immunoglobulin, whey, beta-glucans, herbs, anti-oxidants and mushroom extracts; all of these have very large molecules. However, typically, patients discover they can eliminate a variety of expensive products once they have been on COBAT for a month, or sometimes less.

Taurox Supplements a Natural Process

Taurox is specially prepared COBAT (carbobenzoxy-beta-alanyl Taurine). It is similar to vitamins and naturally occurring sulfur compounds in mammals. The body makes tiny amounts of these sulfur based dipeptides in order to maintain various vital immune functions. These have recently been shown to be essential for the first part of energy production by mitochondria, which are the part of the cell that converts organic matter into fuel for the cell. When this sulfur dependent biochemical process is working well you are going to feel great!

Unfortunately, numerous environmental toxins and nutritional deficiencies cause a breakdown in this natural energy production and also in detoxification systems that mammals are reliant upon. Heavy metals such as mercury claw or grab up sulfur molecules, thus interfering in immune, energy and detoxification pathways. It’s a good idea to educate yourself how to reduce exposure to these toxic elements and remove accumulations.

The good news is you can also supplement with Taurox containing products that support what may be a weak link in sulfur dependent immune regulatory processes. Commercially available, homeopathically prepared Taurox is both affordable and safe since dosages range in tiny nanogram amounts. The TaurImmune brand of Taurox containing products is available in various potencies. Stronger concentrations of Taurox are effective to restore severely exhausted immune systems.

“COBAT” reduced fatigue in approximately 90% of patients with moderate to severe fatigue due to a variety of medical causes, according to data presented by Floyd Taub M.D. at the 2003 Whole Person Healing Conference in Bethesda, Md. COBAT is a unique compound just being discovered by the medical community after over a decade of university research.

Taurox is a Modified Dipeptide. What does this mean?

Modified: the modification allows for efficient oral absorption through the mucosa. Our research indicates this is the most effective way to ingest Taurox.

Dipeptide: A unique compound formed by very stable binding of one amino acid to another. The molecule thus formed is very different from the individual components. Individual amino acids will not self assemble into a dipeptide if mixed together.

Is it possible to obtain the Taurox dipeptide from the diet?
No. Taurox is not available via the diet. It is theorized that proper diet will assist internal production of COBAT like compounds

If your body shows signs of immune stress give it exactly what it needs, Taurox!