Caught in a Vicious Fatigue Cycle?

  • Is your life out of control because your daily energy level simply does not match what it takes to care for yourself, your family, home and finances?
  • Are you frustrated after searching for solutions, spending precious money and time yet still finding yourself worn out day after day?
  • Do you regularly turn to caffeine and sugar for pep only to find yourself hours later crashing into fatigue and mental fog?
  • Are you disappointed that you lack the energy to achieve higher goals?
  • Are you tired of accepting limited energy and ready to try something new?

Taurox™ works to reduce fatigue and restore vitality by harmonizing your body’s immune system. It is the most potent, over the counter, non-toxic anti-fatigue compound ever discovered.

TaurImmune™ Products contain Taurox™, a clinically proven homeopathic remedy that focuses on reducing the cause of your fatigue, giving you more energy for life. Fatigue is often the result of your immune system overreacting to stress of some kind. Taurox is a new molecule made from amino acid components that carefully regulates cytokines, the substances in the body that help balance your immune system, relieve fatigue and give you steady, everyday energy. Taurox is a U.S.-registered, tested and regulated homeopathic medicine, labeled for the treatment of fatigue, allergies, cold and flu. Taurox was found to relieve both moderate and severe fatigue and brighten one’s mood.*

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With Increased Vitality You CAN:

  • Be Free to do what you love to do.
  • Enjoy your friends and family without feeling drained.
  • Live your life with joy, not regret.
  • Bring your body and life into balance.
  • Raise yourself up to a new level of achievement.


Now there’s a solution for people with fatigue related to everyday stress that doesn’t leave you with the ups and downs of caffeine and other stimulants. It’s natural to have STEADY EVERYDAY ENERGY.

TaurImmune™ Products are taken under the tongue once per day and are convenient for travel. SO EASY!

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Taurox can help to promote the proper energy levels, and it also offers support to the immune system. In fact, it helps to maintain healthy energy levels, in part, by ensuring that the immune system is functioning properly. The immune system is needed to fight bacteria, viruses, and disease, and during these times the immune system can become weakened. Because these microbes can weaken the immune system, supplementing with Taurox can be incredibly beneficial. Supplementing with taurox can help to build up immunity to a wide range of dangerous organisms and diseases. Taurox helps the body to quickly and efficiently address harmful agents that enter the body, and this can reduce the risk of the body falling ill. This action also helps improve energy levels, because it helps to reduce the fatigue that is experienced during illness.

Taurox can also provide support to the body in times of stress. Stressors can come in many forms, and whether they are mental or physical forms of stress they can overload and overwork the immune system. During times of stress natural chemicals and hormones, like cortisol or adrenaline, can flow throughout the body and hinder the immune system. In factd, Taurox may help to fight the reduction immune function that is caused by these chemicals, and it may also help to limit the amount of stress induced fatigue.

*TaurImmune™ products are registered with the FDA. TaurImmune and the vast majority of other homeopathic drugs have not been evaluated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. These products should not be used as a substitute for treatments prescribed by a physician.